Richard A. Martin, Jr. is 44 years old.  In 2012, he made his first entry into local politicswhen he ran for Wisconsin State Assembly in District 55 as a Libertarian candidate.

With so many forces whittling away at the Constitution, Rich feels that someone needs to fight for our Constitutional rights and Civil Liberties.  He swears to defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Richard Martin does not want your money.  His campaign, "Friends of Rich Martin", did not  accept monetary donations, and the entire campaign was run on under $1000 of Rich's own money. For this reason, Rich was also his own treasurer.

No folks, Rich does not want your money.  All he wants is your vote.  Watch this space in the future - he will run again in the future sometime, hoping to serve his local community with the same dedication and concern he displayed when he served our country for 12 years as a medic in the United States military.